Video Analytics

Your security system can provide you with a wealth of data and analytics that can help both improve the security of your business or premises and help you make important business decisions. West-Tec can provide you with video analytics software as apart of an integrated security system. An important addition to a system to add richness to video analytics is a people counting system. We use people counting systems and video analytics from Brickstream. The Brickstream line of in-store analytics sensors represent the next generation of video analytics. These products integrate real time data capture and behaviour analytics into one device, providing a common platform for the collection of a wide range of customer behaviour data. Now traffic metrics, queue metrics, service metrics, and other in-store metrics are captured and analysed in a single device. Accurate data collection forms the foundation for a robust behaviour analytic solution.

  • Accurately distinguish between people, objects and the background of the space
  • Identify the direction of travel (entering or exiting)
  • Handle high volume traffic and identify and measure groups (for example, families shopping together)
  • Handle environmental issues (light, heat, shadows)
  • Distinguish adults from children and employees
  • Identify behaviours of interest (stopping, standing in a queue, wait times, etc.)
  • High accuracy and consistent results between sensors
Video analytics are available to businesses and other sectors Sydney wide